Thursday, 23 June 2011

Trying to reach the higher level

Today, I wanted to rent "深夜特急" written by Kotaro Sawaki, but there're no left in library. So I bought two books named "Tiger Mother" and "the day I cry" instead. I will comment about these in near future.

Recently, I have posted articles almost everyday and it means that I haven't kept my English diary. Today I filled in all empy pages. This English diary started from Jan 2008 and has been written in English since Jun 2008. The purpose was simple. I just wanted to improve my English while doing this. I know, more than 3 years has passed since I started, but my level of English remains constant. The reason I feel so is that I don't know native expressions and no one check my writings. There is no future...

Yesterday, I watched the match Date against Williams. It was really close to win and I was so proud of her. In professional sports, most players are Black and Caucasian. Asian players are rare. In this match, audiences were white, then Black and Asian players fought each other on the court. I was also impressed the situation that there was overflowingly standing ovations in the end.

What a beautiful world!!!

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