Saturday, 25 June 2011


"The day I cry" is 泣いた日 written by 阿部 勇樹 who is a Japanese Football player. He describes his growth through meeting people, overcoming hardships and his family. I had thought that most professional sports players have really strong mentalities normally. In case of him, however, he didn't have even though his career has started since he was 16. He said in this book that his mentality was very weak at the beginning, then it developed after meeting Ivica Osim who was a previous manager of Japanese national team.

As I see it, these 3 books, "心を整える" "日本男児" "泣いた日", say that you must make an effort as much as you can if you want to attain your goal. I was inspired by them and I'm gonna continue to study English until I can talk with native speakers completely.

Today I went to a bookshop in a big city because I wanted to buy a medical book. I bought 3 books in the end, but I was there for more than 1 hour to look for fascinated books. I think, in these days, library and bookshop are like a treasure island for me. The reason why I love to read books is that I can get knowledge and wisdom from them, and they would change my life better. Anyway, the medical book was really expensive. So I hope that the knowledge taking from the book will repay as an additional salary someday.

It's lovely British Accent in the begining of this video!

When you look with your eyes, Everything seems nice...
But, if you look twice, you can see it's all lies!

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