Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Since I came back to Japan, I haven't drunk with Martini. It was easy to get it in LDN and I want to... However, in my home town, it's countryside, I couldn't find it everywhere. Then, yesterday I ordered one bottle on the internet as a first step. All I have to do is to wait with expectation!

Today, I knew that I had been embroiled in supervisor's mistake. It was not my fault, but most staff blamed me because I'm a young staff. It means that they can not tell her directly. I loathe this weak Japanese mentality and I felt that what small people they are.

Bloody Hell!!!

Now I am studying Sonography by myself step by step. Well, I will leave from here soon and go back in medical practice. Here is not my field I want to work for Patients.

A good skateboarding video with cool music!

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