Thursday, 30 September 2010

To intolerant people

They hate you if you're clever and despise a fool
Working class hero / John Lennon

Sunday, 12 September 2010

The sound makes neighbors laugh!

I wonder how we can make big sound when we blow our nose. Although the problem in my house has already finished after the police came, one housemate is still carrying on the prohibited activity.

As we have known, that sound makes not only rest of housemates but also neighbors annoyed. Fortunately, I am going to move on Fri. So I am feeling deliriously happy that I will not need to hear noisy footsteps anymore. Meanwhile, I am learning a lesson that I could not kick her out. A new tenant will come from 18th of September and he or she will be a sacrifice definitely. However, it is not my problem. Finger crossed!

I do not want to pass up a chance of living outside of Japan caused by a lot of harassing actions...

Thursday, 9 September 2010

The first day of enjoying rest of days in London.

Today's weather smells autumn. It is not chilli, and not humidity. It is just comfortable. However, it will not be so long that I can feel this nostalgic atmosphere.

I found a technical problem on my laptop computer. So a mike is not working very well becaused of this. My life for 3 months from September is going to be roller-coaster.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Plan B

Unfortunately, I had to cancel the CEA course because the school did not allow me to take part in the class 1 hour later after the class starts. What is more, I can not get a refund of extra course fee I paid. So I am going back to the General English course from next week firstly,then I will take the CEA course from January next year. However, the expiration of school is next February, so I need to extend my course until the CEA course will be finished. Moreover, it is going to be impossible for me to join if I still work in Japanese Hospital.

Meanwhile, I guess that some problems of VISA such as student, working holiday and work permit will be happened. (The hospital asks me to get working holiday VISA.) I'll also start to translate a syllabus of an university I graduated from japanese to Engliash for applying a radiographer in the UK at the same time. So I need to prepare some options for just in case and must make a decision in the end.

Plan 1;
Staying in London until the expiration of Student VISA, then if I can not get a working VISA(work permit) until that day, I will go back to Japan once. In case of this, of course, I will leave the hospital by end of December for the CEA course. I think it is going to be a very big bet in my life, however I believe that it is the worth to challenge.

Plan 2;
In December, I will go back to Japan to get a working holiday VISA. It is kind of an insurance to allow me to stay in England. However, it is not sure that I can get it 100% and how long it will take after applying.

As I see it, I prefer to choose plan 1.

I must "Live Right Now!".

Monday, 6 September 2010


The negotiation was failed and I will be late to attend my class every time. However, it is not too bad than to be permitted my demand. It means that I will not owe something to Japanese hospital. I am not a person,who dedicates own life for a working place.

A supervisor also told me

"we can hire another sonographer instead of you. If you can't obey us, a director will sack you."

I finally found some contradictions. Firstly, the reason why I chose working in Japanese Hospital was that a doctor asked me to work in the hospital mainly n to do sonography. At the same time, I have just promoted and got another offer to take one more promote exam in UNIQLO. Therefore, today I realised completely that the hospital just wants to take advantage of me and there are no rights to insist on own opinions.

So all I have to do is just to keep challenging to register as a radiographer in the UK and find a hospital,where gives me a working VISA by the expiration of my student VISA. I will not go back to Japan to get a working holiday VISA. This is my answer and I hope I can leave here until end of October.

I don't want and need to belong to someone or some part of groups. Because, individualism is one of the Western rules, and I feel comfortable in there even though I need protect myself by myself. I am tired of covering for someone.

Now I am really excited at studying English. I do not know why. But I believe that this is a divine prophecy for me to work in local hospital!

Saturday, 4 September 2010

What is my purpose in the UK?

Enjoying life in LDN? Travelling Europe? Hanging out with my friends a lot?

Sometimes it is ok. However, I can only stay until next April so far and I must rush to attain my first goal.

As a result, I finally decided to choose Cambridge CAE course instead of travelling to Italy even though I really want to go. It is based on a reason that it is said normally that it will take for 3 or 4 years for Japanese people(not include young age) to use English fluently. 2 years and 3 months has passed since I came to England. How is my English? It is not enough when I live and spend time with native speakers. If I had been to university in England, my English would have improved very quickly. However, I did not have such money and need to re-enter university except for master degree practically.

So how do I study English efficiently? I used to work in UNIQLO and Starbucks,where I must speak English, and had kept a distance from Japanese society. It was really effected on me. Moreover, in fact, those experiences gave me not only learning English but also knowing different cultures and racial discriminations. However, nowadays I am working in Japanese hospital and I have many problems in my house. My English has not grown up for the past year.

I have known that the exam is one of hardest exams and it is absolutely impossible for me to pass. However, unless I must put myself under lots of pressure, I will be lazy every time. So it will encourage me and show me my weaknesses more and more.

From my experience, my life during September to November is going to ups and downs every year. I am also going to negotiate to boss about my shift in hospital. I will work for 6 days per week due to 3 hours each day.

I hope I will make it through everything, and it is clearly that what should I do for my future.