Tuesday, 19 July 2011

10 years ago

I found an old laptop PC, but it was used 10 years ago.

So everything is very slow and I'm irritated.

Now I'm reading books named 深夜特急(Shinya Tokkyu:Midnight Express) written by Kotaro Sawaki.

It might be good for me to spend time without the internet for a few months.

Sunday, 17 July 2011


I'm watching repeated Argentina vs Uruguay match in Copa 2011 and gonna watch Nadeshiko Japan's final from 4AM.

Tomorrow, this PC I'm using will be replaced to my young sisters's house. So I won't be able to keep my weblog up.

I'll restart when I get a new PC.
Thank you for reading my weblog until now!

I'm also reading my weblog written in one year ago. At that moment, I was in LDN and experiencing countless priceless things.

Time has passed very quickly and Life is Short...

May everyone have happy lives!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Pianist

I have a pain in my neck. I guess it's caused of yesterday's swimming. I can't do anything from morning today.

Then, a good idea occurred to me! Yesterday I bought a piano tab. My young sister recommended me to play "Nocturne No.20" and "Ballade No.1 in G minor Op.23". Both of them are written by Chopin. I tried it, but it's sooooo hard to play and I changed my mind.

I'm a big fan of "Cinema Paradiso". I determined to master playing the theme song by piano.

In past 5 years, I think that our lives became convenient dramatically. I could download the tab on the internet in a few seconds and it made me think deeply about the usage of virtual shops.


Blink 182's new single is below. It's not already Punk...

Thursday, 14 July 2011


Japan reached the final of the FIFA Women’s World Cup for the first time with a deserved 3-1 win over a Sweden side who had previously won every match they had played at Germany 2011.

I'm an invincible

Yesterday, I posted the documents to the UK, but later, I remembered that I forgot to enclose a cover letter. From then on, I did the best to solve this problem as much as I could.

From the tracking number, the envelope had been transported to a different branch of post office and I called the the branch to ask the situation.

Fortunately, I could stop the process before being sent to an airport but I had to go to that branch in another city directly.

A clock was showing almost 11 PM, I drove to the city.

In the end, I could add the cover letter without extra fee but it was really hard work. Because I had also negotiated about this problem with the registration department of HPC and I worked from 6AM on that day.

Regarding this year's fortune-telling, I must pay attention than usual. There are 6 months left in 2011. How many times will I deal with problems...

A small mistake is gonna be a big problem.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Children's potential capacity

The most surprising thing I felt through playing with my nephew was children's learning ability.

From my experience, my nephew didn't know how to open a pencil case at the beginning. Then, he prattled me to open this. Actually, I was so surprised when he asked me with his words.

If I reject his demand, he will be in sulk. So I had to show the way in front of him and soon he tried it. He could do that easily on the first try, what's more, he was able to close the pencil case finally.

I couldn't imagine the end and I could define that this is children.Children have unlimited possibilities and we could see their rapid growth.

As for the rest, parents must realise that they are grabbing their children's steering wheel.

Monday, 11 July 2011


My nephew has gone back to his home. There is silence in my house and I really miss him.

I'm an oldest son of the family, but I still think I haven't played a role for a long time. So playing with my nephew is only my duty. If young brother's family can relax for a while, I would be happy.

My young brother is a really clever guy and he wanted to be a doctor. Of course he took medical school's entrance exams twice. Unfortunately, he couldn't pass, but my parents really proud of him.

On the other hand, how about me? I used to work a famous hospital and earned nice salary compared with the same generation, but it's past. I have nothing now and I am disgusted with myself sometimes.

In near future, in any case, I'll get the document from a translation company and post them to the UK. If I can get the lisence of the UK, then working VISA of the UK as next step, what's more, resident VISA of the UK finally, soon I'd like to go to NYC. There're many places I want to go.

Some might say "You're an idealist". However, this is my dream and I realise that it's the long and winding road.

If not all of them, I'll work serously at least 3 years in Japan.

Changing the life is extremely hard.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

The burden of Asian

At The Women's World Cup, Japan triumphed German. I really proud of them because Japan is the only Asian team on the tournament and they're overcoming lots of disadvantages through the matches.

Most professional sports, there're Caucasian and Black people. I believe that Japanese people are able to break the mold and be a pioneer as the first Asian.

When I lived in LDN, I felt countless disadvantages as one of Asian. Those are caused by history, other Asian's behaviours(Chinese and Korean) and appearance, etc...

As a result, lots of Japanese people choose to live in only Japan because there is no racial discrimination and it's really convenient life everywhere compared with Europe.

However, it's boring for me to settle down. The stereotype won't be changed unless someone break the mold. We have a choice, so I'm gonna try!

In any case, I was so excited at their achievement!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

A Little Monster

Nephew is using PC.

My English teacher's daughter and son are coming on 10th July in Japan. The teacher said "It's the first trip for them to go out from The US and they'll stay in Japan for 5 weeks. I'm excited to see them, but also very nervous. Can they fit in Japanese style such as how to get a train, etc..."

If I have a chance to meet them, I'm gonna post how Japanese and American teenager are different.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Uncle Hide

Today, my young brother's family came home and we are having fantastic time.

ESP, nephew is adorable!!!

My colleagues are petty-minded and I hardly respect them recently. They are also jealous of my dream and I've experienced their guileful bully. I know the reason and it's very simple. I can communicate with other staff but they can not. Practically, They can only complain.

In Japan, person like me is gonna be out of the group. However, I don't care. Because I'm thinking about what the world standard is.

So the case of my previous boss as well. He can not admit my growth and is only able to drag me down.

They're all small people.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Busy days

Yesterday was a really long day. I started to work from 6:30AM including move and it's around 9:30pm when I got home. My bus driver scratched a police car by our bus in the morning when he was following a guard at a working place. I thought it's not my fault and we only talked to an area manager at the time. However, my judgement was wrong! In Japan, there is "Joint Responsibility" even though I was just watching the driver's k-turn. So I should have reported to my supervisor about this soon after the scratch happened.

I also knew another mistake today. Actually, more than 350 people were not supposed to come yesterday and I was unlucky. I must learn a lesson and will never do it again. Finally, I'm proud of myself that I did my best even though I had had poor health.

Today, I went to library to ask about a book I ordered before going to Aeon. Librarians told me "We called you twice and left a message, but you didn't come.". I asked them again to show me the order and list because I haven't caught a call yet.

Soon it's clear. One of staff typed the wrong number on the list, when he/she copied it.

In these days, I'm living surrounded by a lot of bad luck. It is impossible for me to control these, and I have to manage problems every time.

All I can do is just to keep myself to myself.

Someday, I'd like to have time like the lyrics of a video below.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A Step Forward

Sleeping on a bed all day with a summer cold, and I lost 2 kg. I think it's the best way to lose weight!

When I came back to Japan, my weight was 80kg. But now it declined to 73kg! I've almost reached the halfway point of my goal, and I'd like to lose 8kg from now! I'm gonna continue to do my best in the second half.

Monday, 4 July 2011

A Summer cold

I got a headache, diarrhea, and nausea....
What weak my body is....

Sunday, 3 July 2011

6 months more.

Going to a swimming pool to lose my weight, Watching a football match once per month, Reading lots of books, Studying medicine and English, and Saving some money. This is my routine work until the end of this year, then I'm gonna move on. During this recuperation period, I must be patient from the difference between Japanese and Western culture. It's extremely hard for me...

In Sep, my friends couple are getting married. They're doctor's couple but not snobbish. They're so clever and funny that I really respect them. I met fiancee when I was working at Starbucks in LDN. After that, we were keeping in touch and met in Japan and LDN with her fiance again.

Now I'm thinking waht I can do something surprise for them. Last year, I played guitar at my Columbian friend's wedding. Next time, do I have to play piano?

Saturday, 2 July 2011

In Clinical Practice

What is the most wonderful time of the day?

In these days, sultry days have continued and it makes me tired. However, it becomes confortable weather at the night. My wonderful time of the day is lying on the grass in my house while drinking lemonade with Martini and smoking Philip Morris in the evening. I can relax and indulge in reminiscences of the day. I know that smoking is nothing good for our health and lying on the grass looks strange in Japan.

I'm a medical staff. If there was class society in Japan, I could be a middle class and would stay my home town. Because I can reach Tokyo less than 2 hours from here and hang around with my friends once per month. In fact, Japan has the smallest gap between rich and poor in the world and the reason is the salary system named Nenko-Jorestu(年功序列), which is the promotion by seniority. It's unfair...

An image below is a MRI image of Ovarian Tumor(I took from google image).

Regarding Ovarian Tumor, there are three types of ovarian tumors,which are Epithelial cell tumors, Germ cell tumors, and Stromal tumors. Notably, most benign ovarian tumors cause no symptoms. Therefore, it's sudden for patients to be diagnosed.

It was second time to see this case. I did ultrasound in field of gynecology today as the first time and I found this. It's a really tough exam for me and a doctor helped me. I realised that Sonography is a very usefull exam practically and I really want to be a Sonographer.

I must keep studying Medicine and English!!!

Friday, 1 July 2011

Second Chance

On my way to the university hospital in Kanagawa after work today, my bullet train was stuck by the heavy rain between Mishima and Odawara station. As a result, I was late for 1 hour to arrive at the hospital and the boss had already gone when I got there.

I abandon to ask about the document and went to post office to send with my document. However, I couldn't give up to get the signed document because my future is dependent on the document.

So I canceled to post and went back to the hospital to talk to the director of personnel department. He told me the difference between Japanese and Western culture firstly, then he sympathised my case and gave me advice.

Also, I confirmed the deadline about the verification letter to HPC staff and I knew that the day is until the beginning of Aug. I had thought that it's the end of next week, but it was just my mistake.

Small hope saved my life and I realised that I was standing on the edge at the time. (Actually, I am living on the edge at every moment.)

Before going back to my hometown, I went to Tokyo to meet my friend. Although it was very short stay(1 hour) and I couldn't see Tom(Austrian), she met me. I really appreciate her kindness and I hope that I'd like to take her out to a nice restaurant next time.

I am working in a small clinic tmr. The salary is nice and I can make career.

Hang in there!

A great cover of Senteria by Sublime!