Sunday, 26 June 2011

Creative thought or Factual knowledge?

In my English class on Thursday, me and classmate were talking about "Which is more important, creative thought or factual knowledge?". This question came from an article from BBC website.

It was a really interesting topic for me. Because my job, ESP Sonography, is related to both of them. In medical area, firstly, the diagnosis, examination, and nursing etc... are based on pppppplenty of factual knowledge and we are dealing with each treatments while caring about patient's condition, medical history, and body type etc...

Regarding Sonography, I suspect some kind of diseases before the screening, and I will be eliminating some from the suspections corresponding to factual knowledge while I am screening the patient's body. In the screening, I am also useing Creative thought because organs' location is not the same place every patients. This means that I can not do the exam smoothly unless I always think about what is happening and where it is. The level of exam difficulty is also influenced by patient's condition. So this is the most hardest examination, and I really want to master this technique.

Working in medical area is never boring for me and I really love this field.

We are one people. We are equal. You are wonderful and rare.

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