Sunday, 10 July 2011

The burden of Asian

At The Women's World Cup, Japan triumphed German. I really proud of them because Japan is the only Asian team on the tournament and they're overcoming lots of disadvantages through the matches.

Most professional sports, there're Caucasian and Black people. I believe that Japanese people are able to break the mold and be a pioneer as the first Asian.

When I lived in LDN, I felt countless disadvantages as one of Asian. Those are caused by history, other Asian's behaviours(Chinese and Korean) and appearance, etc...

As a result, lots of Japanese people choose to live in only Japan because there is no racial discrimination and it's really convenient life everywhere compared with Europe.

However, it's boring for me to settle down. The stereotype won't be changed unless someone break the mold. We have a choice, so I'm gonna try!

In any case, I was so excited at their achievement!

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