Sunday, 3 July 2011

6 months more.

Going to a swimming pool to lose my weight, Watching a football match once per month, Reading lots of books, Studying medicine and English, and Saving some money. This is my routine work until the end of this year, then I'm gonna move on. During this recuperation period, I must be patient from the difference between Japanese and Western culture. It's extremely hard for me...

In Sep, my friends couple are getting married. They're doctor's couple but not snobbish. They're so clever and funny that I really respect them. I met fiancee when I was working at Starbucks in LDN. After that, we were keeping in touch and met in Japan and LDN with her fiance again.

Now I'm thinking waht I can do something surprise for them. Last year, I played guitar at my Columbian friend's wedding. Next time, do I have to play piano?

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