Monday, 11 July 2011


My nephew has gone back to his home. There is silence in my house and I really miss him.

I'm an oldest son of the family, but I still think I haven't played a role for a long time. So playing with my nephew is only my duty. If young brother's family can relax for a while, I would be happy.

My young brother is a really clever guy and he wanted to be a doctor. Of course he took medical school's entrance exams twice. Unfortunately, he couldn't pass, but my parents really proud of him.

On the other hand, how about me? I used to work a famous hospital and earned nice salary compared with the same generation, but it's past. I have nothing now and I am disgusted with myself sometimes.

In near future, in any case, I'll get the document from a translation company and post them to the UK. If I can get the lisence of the UK, then working VISA of the UK as next step, what's more, resident VISA of the UK finally, soon I'd like to go to NYC. There're many places I want to go.

Some might say "You're an idealist". However, this is my dream and I realise that it's the long and winding road.

If not all of them, I'll work serously at least 3 years in Japan.

Changing the life is extremely hard.

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