Saturday, 2 July 2011

In Clinical Practice

What is the most wonderful time of the day?

In these days, sultry days have continued and it makes me tired. However, it becomes confortable weather at the night. My wonderful time of the day is lying on the grass in my house while drinking lemonade with Martini and smoking Philip Morris in the evening. I can relax and indulge in reminiscences of the day. I know that smoking is nothing good for our health and lying on the grass looks strange in Japan.

I'm a medical staff. If there was class society in Japan, I could be a middle class and would stay my home town. Because I can reach Tokyo less than 2 hours from here and hang around with my friends once per month. In fact, Japan has the smallest gap between rich and poor in the world and the reason is the salary system named Nenko-Jorestu(年功序列), which is the promotion by seniority. It's unfair...

An image below is a MRI image of Ovarian Tumor(I took from google image).

Regarding Ovarian Tumor, there are three types of ovarian tumors,which are Epithelial cell tumors, Germ cell tumors, and Stromal tumors. Notably, most benign ovarian tumors cause no symptoms. Therefore, it's sudden for patients to be diagnosed.

It was second time to see this case. I did ultrasound in field of gynecology today as the first time and I found this. It's a really tough exam for me and a doctor helped me. I realised that Sonography is a very usefull exam practically and I really want to be a Sonographer.

I must keep studying Medicine and English!!!

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