Friday, 1 July 2011

Second Chance

On my way to the university hospital in Kanagawa after work today, my bullet train was stuck by the heavy rain between Mishima and Odawara station. As a result, I was late for 1 hour to arrive at the hospital and the boss had already gone when I got there.

I abandon to ask about the document and went to post office to send with my document. However, I couldn't give up to get the signed document because my future is dependent on the document.

So I canceled to post and went back to the hospital to talk to the director of personnel department. He told me the difference between Japanese and Western culture firstly, then he sympathised my case and gave me advice.

Also, I confirmed the deadline about the verification letter to HPC staff and I knew that the day is until the beginning of Aug. I had thought that it's the end of next week, but it was just my mistake.

Small hope saved my life and I realised that I was standing on the edge at the time. (Actually, I am living on the edge at every moment.)

Before going back to my hometown, I went to Tokyo to meet my friend. Although it was very short stay(1 hour) and I couldn't see Tom(Austrian), she met me. I really appreciate her kindness and I hope that I'd like to take her out to a nice restaurant next time.

I am working in a small clinic tmr. The salary is nice and I can make career.

Hang in there!

A great cover of Senteria by Sublime!

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