Thursday, 7 July 2011

Busy days

Yesterday was a really long day. I started to work from 6:30AM including move and it's around 9:30pm when I got home. My bus driver scratched a police car by our bus in the morning when he was following a guard at a working place. I thought it's not my fault and we only talked to an area manager at the time. However, my judgement was wrong! In Japan, there is "Joint Responsibility" even though I was just watching the driver's k-turn. So I should have reported to my supervisor about this soon after the scratch happened.

I also knew another mistake today. Actually, more than 350 people were not supposed to come yesterday and I was unlucky. I must learn a lesson and will never do it again. Finally, I'm proud of myself that I did my best even though I had had poor health.

Today, I went to library to ask about a book I ordered before going to Aeon. Librarians told me "We called you twice and left a message, but you didn't come.". I asked them again to show me the order and list because I haven't caught a call yet.

Soon it's clear. One of staff typed the wrong number on the list, when he/she copied it.

In these days, I'm living surrounded by a lot of bad luck. It is impossible for me to control these, and I have to manage problems every time.

All I can do is just to keep myself to myself.

Someday, I'd like to have time like the lyrics of a video below.

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