Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Plan B

Unfortunately, I had to cancel the CEA course because the school did not allow me to take part in the class 1 hour later after the class starts. What is more, I can not get a refund of extra course fee I paid. So I am going back to the General English course from next week firstly,then I will take the CEA course from January next year. However, the expiration of school is next February, so I need to extend my course until the CEA course will be finished. Moreover, it is going to be impossible for me to join if I still work in Japanese Hospital.

Meanwhile, I guess that some problems of VISA such as student, working holiday and work permit will be happened. (The hospital asks me to get working holiday VISA.) I'll also start to translate a syllabus of an university I graduated from japanese to Engliash for applying a radiographer in the UK at the same time. So I need to prepare some options for just in case and must make a decision in the end.

Plan 1;
Staying in London until the expiration of Student VISA, then if I can not get a working VISA(work permit) until that day, I will go back to Japan once. In case of this, of course, I will leave the hospital by end of December for the CEA course. I think it is going to be a very big bet in my life, however I believe that it is the worth to challenge.

Plan 2;
In December, I will go back to Japan to get a working holiday VISA. It is kind of an insurance to allow me to stay in England. However, it is not sure that I can get it 100% and how long it will take after applying.

As I see it, I prefer to choose plan 1.

I must "Live Right Now!".

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