Monday, 6 September 2010


The negotiation was failed and I will be late to attend my class every time. However, it is not too bad than to be permitted my demand. It means that I will not owe something to Japanese hospital. I am not a person,who dedicates own life for a working place.

A supervisor also told me

"we can hire another sonographer instead of you. If you can't obey us, a director will sack you."

I finally found some contradictions. Firstly, the reason why I chose working in Japanese Hospital was that a doctor asked me to work in the hospital mainly n to do sonography. At the same time, I have just promoted and got another offer to take one more promote exam in UNIQLO. Therefore, today I realised completely that the hospital just wants to take advantage of me and there are no rights to insist on own opinions.

So all I have to do is just to keep challenging to register as a radiographer in the UK and find a hospital,where gives me a working VISA by the expiration of my student VISA. I will not go back to Japan to get a working holiday VISA. This is my answer and I hope I can leave here until end of October.

I don't want and need to belong to someone or some part of groups. Because, individualism is one of the Western rules, and I feel comfortable in there even though I need protect myself by myself. I am tired of covering for someone.

Now I am really excited at studying English. I do not know why. But I believe that this is a divine prophecy for me to work in local hospital!

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